About Mark Hirabayashi


Any law firm can help with the filing of adoption papers. More important than the mechanics, though, is finding an attorney who understands the emotional impact the adoption process has on the lives of his clients. Mark J. Hirabayashi is just that attorney. A graduate of UCLA and The University of California Hasting’s College of Law, Mark and his staff have spent 30 years building families through adoption. Everyone at Hirabayashi Adoption Law works ridiculously hard to make the adoption process proceed efficiently and with the least amount of stress.

When you need help with an adoption in the Los Angeles area, call and talk to Mark Hirabayashi. He is not only knowledgable and committed, but is also one of the best attorneys in Southern California to assist you during a very emotional time in your life.

If you’d like to view Mark’s resume, you can see it here.